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Technical Aspects of Video Production

video synopsis by: Bobby Donovan

Today modern Video camera, camcorders and handy cams have made video capturing very easy. Anybody likes to capture video picture can shoot straight away with the modern video cams. An amateur video production may be produced in this way. But whenever you think of professional and quality video production, basics of video production must be followed to get optimum output. Video production is a technical work. Camera selection, shooting, lighting, audio effect and editing of the captured video comprise video production. Proper knowledge of those technical aspects of video production … Read more

Categories: Instructional Video

Vegas Pro was offered by Sony. It’s advance software that you can use in editing a video. It will give an amazing result of video production and amazing pictures.
Linux do provide a counter part for it and it was Kdenlive. Almost the same functionality and features with Sony Vegas but the difference is you can get it for free to have a very good video. You can trim a clip by just right clicking it. You can move the clip anywhere you want. You can also apply audio and video effects to create an ideal video production.
Just click … Read more

Categories: Instructional Video

Animated 3D feature is one of the most updated video production features that have been invented. It requires accuracy and creativeness as well to make a perfect video.

There is free software that can help you make animated 3D scenes. You can go to to get it and help you succeed with your video production. You can also try for editing animated 3D scenes of your video. You need to convert it to AVI and convert to audio.

Using, you just need to click the headings then click start to convert. You will need to use WAX … Read more

Categories: Instructional Video

A lot of applications were made for video production for the film maker to give high quality videos. One of them is the YouTube’s video editor.
Unlike other applications, you don’t need to have software to use this. It works directly with a browser. It can upload HD videos in any computer that has internet connection and it’s a good help to get video production turns out updated. Just go to And you must remember that before you can use this, the video must pass with YouTube first. You can only use story board to edit. You just need … Read more

Categories: Instructional Video

All film makers wanted their piece to look more realistic. In video production, film makers used different system and applications.

One helpful application is the WAX 2.0. You can actually search it in a search engine and just download it from their website. It will help you add some green and special effects on your video. Also helps you add over lays and text effects. It’s one way of editing videos to have high quality pictures and clips for a perfect video production.

WAX 2.0 is just one of applications that you can use to professionally edit your videos. It … Read more

Categories: Instructional Video