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video production and expert witness post by: Jeremy K.


video production expert witnessIt’s How You Present Your Case


When it comes to testifying in court as an expert witness, you have to be believable and credible. As an expert witness, the court is relying on you to elucidate something that they can’t fully understand. You hold the key towards solving a mystery. And it is your expert opinion that’s needed to either prove or disprove the veracity and accuracy of a piece of evidence.


So it’s a must that you prepare before the date of your testimony.


This preparation … Read more

post by: Ammar K.

An Economic expert witness provides his opinions in financial lawsuits. They help attorney build their case by giving financial viewpoint.  An economic expert witness can enlighten judges and jurors on a number of issues including securities scam, antitrust matters and corporate profitability. In some cases the expert may be asked to assess damage such as the economic status of plaintiff before and after the financial loss.

The field of economics is quite wide so it is better for an economic expert to focus on a particular area and provide opinions regarding his area of expertise only. … Read more

post by: Glenn S.

A banking expert witness is a responsible person chosen to testify and give his opinion in a trial court. He is expected to give significant and extensive knowledge related to the principles of financial and banking industry. He is known to be an expert witness because he possesses a reliable deposition in defending the client’s case.  When it comes to having disputes, an expert witness should be able to provide easy solutions.  Because he understands the facts, his opinion is thought to be precise and straightforward.  This professional is a great help in witnessing for various … Read more

video production post by: Ammar K.

One of the most prominent and oft used expert witnesses are Medical Expert Witness. A medical expert witness is someone who can present matters of medico-legal nature in front of a jury.  Medical Expert Witnesses and Video Production go hand in hand. As they say,

“A picture says a thousand words”

Consider for example a Tobacco trail, where a Medical Expert witness is called in. There are two ways to say the same thing to the jury.

First, he can say that ‘Tobacco is very harmful to the lungs and it completely destroys them’.  … Read more

post by Peter W.


Any legal proceeding in need of credible opinion, pertinent facts and expert testimony on crucial evidence based on tire construction, rollover physics, metallurgy and a plethora of other complicated automotive issues; invites an automotive expert witness to take the stand. As a credible authority on cars and trucks, an automotive expert witness has specialized knowledge on their sleeve in regards to specific automotive physics and vehicle construction.

However, while an automotive expert witness – who also at times can be an accident reconstruction expert – can testify in litigations that involve auto accidents and complex accident … Read more