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Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate professional video production company How can Janis Digital Media help clients in their corporate video production needs?

Corporate video production encompasses different things with varying complexity levels. To be able to produce a well-made training video or promotional campaign video, Janis Digital Media provides clients with end-to-end assistance throughout the entire production process — from the scriptwriting stage up to editing of the final video.

What is corporate video production?

In simple terms, corporate video production is the process of recording a video material that can be used by a company, organization, or corporation. These materials can be shown to all or selected members of the organization, or can be distributed to a wider group of audience such as the company’s target market and clients.

Janis Digital Media is a top-quality video production company whose specializations include all areas of video and film production. For over 25 years, the company has been providing the Philadelphia, Delaware, New York, and surrounding states with highly creative technical videos. While it offers all types of video production services, Janis Digital Media is recognized as a leading company specializing in all types of corporate video production.

Dell corporate video production from 2012….

And here is a corporate video production that was shot April 28, 2009. Interviews from CBIZ, a wealth management company.

Also, our most recent corporate video production of The Golden Slipper Camp.

Professional Corporate Video Production

Here are some examples of the different types of corporate video productions by Janis Digital Media.

  • Business Training Videos
  • Marketing
  • Safety videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • Financial results
  • Promotional videos
  • Tributes
  • Conveyance of Company Objectives



The market always has an insatiable craving for something new, unique, and amazing. So to keep ahead of the competition, savvy businesses are constantly on the lookout for truly innovative solutions to fill this craving. But without a strong advertising and promotional campaign, these solutions, no matter how groundbreaking they may be, will not reach the target market. They remain hidden and will not accomplish their purpose — unless they are marketed properly.

There are several methods to successfully market a business, but ever since the beginning, companies have always preferred to rely on the power of videos to make their products or services known. Together with the experts in the film industry, the country’s top video production providers are tasked to come up with highly creative videos that contain a no-nonsense message that can be sent straight to the target audience.

There are different types of videos, and they are classified according to the purpose they serve. They can be stored in different file formats, have different compression types and frame rates, and are distributed and shown through different media. But although video production companies can be hired to complete any kind of task related to video and film production, perhaps the most sought-after services are the ones related to corporate video production.

So, touch base with Janis Digital Media with regard to any type of corporate video production project. With 25 years of experience, Janis Digital Media is a top choice to provide only the absolute best in corporate film/video production. Contact Us Today

Professional corporate video production services