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Day In The Life Video

The Day in the Life Video’s main purpose is to chronicle the day to day life of an injured plaintiff. The main purpose of a Day in the Life video is to document the daily activities of an injured plaintiff that has the misfortune of being a party to negligence or some form of malpractice. It essentially captures the quality of life of the plaintiff and how it has been altered by injury, illness and pain brought about by negligence or some form of malpractice.

It accurately records the injured plaintiff’s daily living, focusing on his or her everyday routine activities and the extent of the injury’s effects on his or her life. It is a real life video depicting the pain and suffering, the mental and physical anguish brought about by the injury resulting to more serious consequences such as loss of wages and future medical needs which are the most difficult aspects of a case for the jury to visualize.

This type of video helps to put a human face behind the person, not just a name on a piece of paper through emotional interviews, compelling narratives and stunning graphics generating emotions not evoked from reading transcripts aloud or reviewing a PowerPoint presentation. Day in the Life videos’ real life scenarios’ impact is such that it can be presented as a video for court in front of the jury, mediation, mandatory settlement conferences, utilizing expert witnesses and arbitration yielding more favorable result to your client like higher settlements of lawsuits.

Here is a testimonial from the law firm Martson Law Offices of Carlisle PA with regard to a recent “Day In The Life” personal injury case.  Day In The Life Testimonial

day in the life videos for legal arbitration

Video Production Day In The LifeAs an effective means to an end, Day in the Life Videos and Settlement Brochure Videos should definitely be considered when coming up with an overall strategy to help your clients who were victims of negligence and/or some form of malpractice.

For over 10 years, Janis Digital Media has been doing Day in the Life Videos to date and is providing assistance and cordial services to Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and New York regions. With much work being done for Anapol Schwartz of Philadelphia, PA along with Delany & O’Brien of Woodbury, NJ and most recently the Martson Law Offices of Carlisle, PA. Janis Digital Media has produced over 50 Day In The Life videos and settlement brochures to date.

If you’re looking for a professional video production company that goes the extra mile, Janis Digital Media is the perfect choice to render your Day in the Life or Settlement Brochure Video productions. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone to discuss how Janis Digital Media may be of assistance to you, your firm and more importantly…your client that has been subjected to some type of malpractice or negligence.

Day In The Life and Settlement Brochure Videos