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Economics Expert Witness and Video Productions in Litigations

Posted by admin Comments Off on Economics Expert Witness and Video Productions in Litigations

post by Peter W.


economics expert witnessThey might not have any similarities but the world of economics and that of video productions have one thing in common; they are both complex in nature. When merged together in litigation, video productions can aid and simplify an economics expert witness testimony in insurmountable ways. Read they can solidly prove and determine the course of a financial case. Hence, video productions are a ground breaking weapon against crime; a cost-effective toolset in any court.

As a financial specialist, an economics expert witness takes the stand in legal proceedings to provide credible opinions and pertinent facts about complex economic principles in clear but understandable language. While that can suffice, more is needed to aid in their testimony. Think integrated video production tools. Like say, forensic audio and video analysis of crucial but complex financial transactions done in clear levels of clarity, in-depth detail and accessibility.

For the sake of prudent and objective interpretations of a complicated financial case, audio and video productions are considered indispensable as they help attorneys create formidable arguments. On the other hand, they help the jurors and the judge – not to mention other courtroom audience in general – understand complicated financial related issues such as assessment of damages on identity theft of financial documents, insurance fraud and swindles on capital markets. Therefore, video productions in litigations are important in a multitude of ways.

For example, to effectively convince the jury and the judge present in a courtroom, an economics expert witness must provide plausible, if not truth-invoking evidence. And nothing personifies those lines like audio and video analysis of crucial pieces of complex financial evidence. Visual evidence as opposed to tangible evidence creates a major impact in a court case; leading, thereafter, to an acquittal or equivocal guilt of the defendant.

In fact, quite a number of attorneys choose to hire economic expert witnesses, who not only have legal training and understanding of typical courtroom procedures, but who practice video productions – with intuitive knowledge on massive usage of video cameras, video editing tools and video software – as an additional skill on the sideline, their being rare notwithstanding.

With video production, an economics expert witness testimony is credible. Making believe the science of how video productions or rather recordings work and how audio recordings and devices can identify insignificant financial malpractices. In uncovering a host of financial issues including anti-trust matters, securities fraud and financial loss; video productions seek to answer essential questions in lawsuits: Did it occur as a result of wishing to intentionally cover up something? Was it a genuine mistake? And finally: Can all crucial data be recovered?

Economics Expert Witness and Video Productions in Litigations

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