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Short and feature film production services

Professional feature film productionsConsidering doing a short film skit or a feature film production?

Janis Digital Media can provide you with talented producers, camera people, equipment, editors and anything else needed to achieve your ends.

Contact us today to discuss your film project!

They say that anyone can make short film or feature film presentations these days. While this is true, not everyone can create good films. Contrary to popular belief, producing a good film entails more than just picking up a camera and start telling a story.

A good film must be well thought out even before the cameraman starts shooting with his camera. In telling a story through film, therefore, each stage of the filmmaking process must be polished before actual filming starts. The following are the essentials of a good film.


Short film or feature film presentations must have a novel idea that excites or intrigues the target audience. From the banal to the disturbing, there are different topics to carve out a story from. But no matter how common or disturbing a topic may be, the idea must be something viewers have never seen or heard of before.


The importance of writing a good script cannot be overemphasized. Film schools and academies always point out that the script is the blueprint of the film. With a well-written script, the film has a good and solid foundation; but if the script is inferior in quality, the film will not earn rave reviews.


No matter how well-polished the script is, the idea of the film cannot be fully absorbed by the target audience if the actors do not have a full understanding of what the film wants to convey. The script must therefore be interpreted by good actors and actresses.


From framing to lighting, new and exciting cinematic techniques must be employed to make sure that the exact response from the audience is elicited.

For the above-stated essentials to be craftily executed and put together, the right blend of skills, creativity, and qualifications must be assembled to make sure that all details that affect the film are taken into consideration. To achieve this objective, time must be spent in selecting the right film and video production company to handle the project.

Janis Digital Media has been the leading choice of clients and businesses for their short film or feature film presentations. The company has been providing excellent end-to-end filming assistance to clients based in the following areas: Delaware, Philadelphia, and New York. From scriptwriting to the final stages of editing, Janis Digital Media’s team of talented individuals makes sure that all pieces of the film should be where they should rightfully be.

Clients who hire Janis Digital Media’s services for their short film or feature film presentations have the following advantages and benefits.

Innovative Solution

Janis Digital Media prides itself on the quality and unshakeable dedication of its team of highly creative experts in the film and video production industry. These talented professionals offer truly innovative solutions and provide clients with excellent assistance all throughout the filmmaking process.

Digital Format

All videos are kept in digital format, thereby having several advantages and benefits. This allows easy editing, the quality does not degrade over time, and digital information can be copied repeatedly without additional cost.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Facilities

The company uses only the latest equipment for filming, and maintains an editing facility equipped with the all the needed tools, resources, and materials.

Great Deals and Packages

Janis Digital Media is the top choice for clients working on a tight budget. The company offers affordable packages and consumer-friendly payment plans.

Again, feel free to contact us at Janis Digital Media to discuss your upcoming film project and how Janis Digital may be of assistance to you.

Feature film productions and short movie skit productions