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post by Peter W.


Any legal proceeding in need of credible opinion, pertinent facts and expert testimony on crucial evidence based on tire construction, rollover physics, metallurgy and a plethora of other complicated automotive issues; invites an automotive expert witness to take the stand. As a credible authority on cars and trucks, an automotive expert witness has specialized knowledge on their sleeve in regards to specific automotive physics and vehicle construction.

However, while an automotive expert witness – who also at times can be an accident reconstruction expert – can testify in litigations that involve auto accidents and complex accident reconstructions; their oral testimony alone cannot suffice. Thus, in order to help the jury and the judge understand complicated in-depth automotive issues, or better, assist attorneys to draw strong arguments in an automotive related case, use of video productions is imperative; a necessary toolset in a court.

For starters, it must be known herein that audio and video productions, especially when analyzing crucial and complex automotive accident recordings such as right of way or sight distance, normally use a three prong approach: massive usage of video cameras and software skills, critical listening skills of audio recordings and editing hundreds of hours of both video and audio recordings. And that is not all. Noise reduction, acoustics and equalization of sounds are also part of the herculean process.

Nevertheless, in order for an automotive expert witness to incisively interpret documentation and photos surrounding a complicated accident reconstruction related case; use of audio and video production must come into play. Especially when the jurors and the judge demand for expert opinions on how vehicles move, or what is intricately to be observed after vehicles halt instantly. At such a point, an automotive expert witness may be forced to even expound on the science of skid marks as evidence.

And besides all that, in certain cases where analyzing of audio media components like voice mail recordings and answering machine, confidential informant wire recordings and concealed audio recordings need to be simplified for a courtroom audience to better understand automotive jargon; massive use of audio and video production is important as a gavel is to a judge.

Video productions can also be used to provide a comprehensive pre-trial preparation of a complicated case. To win a case, such a move cannot be ignored. Therefore, it can be gladly concluded that with a video production, an automotive expert witness’ testimony can convince the jury and the judge that complex evidence presented is relevant and important. Suffice it to say, complicated concepts of automotive related issues can effectively be understood with audio and video productions.

Ways on How Video Productions Aid Automotive Expert Witnesses in Litigation

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