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Janis Digital Media...Over 25 Years Of Video Production Experience!

Professional video production for non profit organizations

non profit organization professional video production servicesNeed a high end video production for your non profit organization or charity?

Janis Digital Media can help your organization, as we have produced many video productions for non-profit organizations and charities over the last 25 years!

We did much work for the Variety Club during the ’80s and ’90s while today we have worked on many productions with Golden Slipper, Komen Foundation, National Museum of Jewish Aerican History, Amoena “Praise Is The Cure”, Chamber of Commerce and various other non-profits.

Here is a recent non profit video production of Golden Slipper Angel Awards Dinner 2012…

Feel free to send any questions or queries our way, in reference to a proposed video production project for your non profit organization or charity! Contact Us

One of the most effective measures to promote a non-profit organization and its cause is through the use of videos. Depending on what it wants to achieve, a video may depict the organization’s mission statement, projects (previous, current, and future), or working principles. And to be able to do this, only the best video production company should be entrusted with the job.

In its over 25 years of existence, Janis Digital Media has been the favorite video production company of private-owned establishments and non-profit organizations based in the Philadelphia, New York, and Delaware (and surrounding) regions. Founded by former NFL Films cinematographer and producer, John Dell, the company is known to be a top-notch producer of Hollywood-quality videos that conform to client specifications and that meet the market’s needs and demands.


Non Profit Video Production ServicesNon-profit organizations can benefit from Janis Digital Media in at least three ways


Professional Background and Experience

The company’s team of professionals not only provides excellent services, but are also fully knowledgeable in non-profit organizations — what they need, what they want to achieve, and how they can successfully promote their advocacy. These professionals have a strong professional background and possess technical wizardry that makes them create truly innovative solutions to meet their clients’ needs.


State-of-the-Art Equipment and Facilities

Janis Digital Media constantly upgrades to the latest equipment to make sure that the resulting video can compete with Hollywood-produced films and videos. The company’s facilities are also complete with the most advanced tools for efficient scriptwriting, editing, and completing other related tasks.


Affordable Cost

Unlike other video production companies who turn down small-time projects, Janis Digital Media is happy to work with all kinds of clients and organizations. The company understands that non-profit organizations always work on a limited and tight budget, but this does not stop the company from helping these organizations achieve their goals and objectives.


The world is full of unmet needs of varying kinds. They lurk in all corners of developing countries; they hamper a community’s progress and development; and they can even uglify a neighborhood’s streets and landmarks. Most people expect their government to do something about these needs, but it takes a collective effort to find a permanent solution to all national concerns, issues, and problems. Unfortunately, only a few people truly understand this; and for those who do, only a small percentage would take action. These selfless men and women, together with selfless others, constitute non-profit organizations and are dedicated in advancing their cause to make the world a better place to live in.


Non-profit organizations (NGOs) are classified according to the nature of their advocacy. They come in different sizes, and they are sometimes affiliated with well-known companies and corporations. But however diverse these organizations are, they fall into either one of these categories — at least according to Section 501(c) of the country’s Internal Revenue Code.


• Private Foundations

• Public Charitable Organizations

• Quasi Non-Profit Organizations

• Advocacy Groups

• Membership Organizations

• Recreational Clubs


Non-profit organizations understand that advancing what they believe in needs at least two major things: resources and audience. They need generous philanthropists to back them up, and a receptive audience to support their advocacy. To meet these needs, they have to let people know of their existence and to vigorously promote their cause.

And here’s a video archive from 2007. It features the Golden Slipper Camp along with the CEO and Minister of Magic from Wawa.

Again, feel free to contact Janis Digital Media about your upcoming video production project or any questions in general. Janis Digital Media has the experience and talent to provide you with the best possible video production!

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