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Preston and Steve: Drunk Show 2007

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Preston and Steve Show: Drunk Show 2007

video synopsis by: Gabriel A.

You know the idea that people learns from their mistakes and the mistakes of others? They would sometimes end up into bad situations and learn from that, and knows how to avoid it in the future. While most obedient people would just follow what the elderly says without any more questions, there are those adventurous or rather curious ones that wouldn’t believe unless they saw it with their own eyes, or experience it for themselves. To add to that, only 50 percent of people would learn from just hearing or reading the lesson, and a huge 70 percent will learn the lesson that they see and hear. That is pretty much how our generation had moved forward, through proving and contradicting theories, exploring curiosities, and trial and error experiments that today became a more of a progressive and safe procedure due to the mistakes of past scientists. And here is one experiment of how drinking too much affects people (in this case, Nick and Marisa) and how wasted one can get and why you shouldn’t.

This video production is by Janis Digital Media: the proud video partner of WMMR Preston and Steve Show and the station’s events and functions for years. For the 2007 Drunk Show, their sponsor provider of the liquors was Kildare’s and quite frankly, it’s an awful lot of heavenly sweets there.  This started out as a solution of the Preston and Steve Show hosts, to being frequently asked of “what would happen to you if you literally drank too much of alcohol?” So Steve, tired of writing down the answer and telling it everytime to callers, found the best solution of illustrating or rather demonstrating it to the people instead. The voluntary guinea pigs for this event were their guest jocks Marisa and Nick who just drank all the liquors they can drink, literally much more than their usual intake and probably more than they could have ever drank for the whole week. They are literally and illegally drunk that day. Preston and Steve put them into random tests that a drunk person would have a hard time to complete, that a normal person would finish in just a matter of seconds or even not try doing. This is funny ONLY because you are not in their shoes, and that is why you should never drink too much liquor in public places.

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