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Preston and Steve: Brianna Frost Video Production

First of all, this video is NOT safe for kids and not good for general viewing. If you are old enough, you may proceed to watching this awesome video of Brianna Frost.

Brianna Frost is Preston and Steve Show’s Whipped Cream Girl, yet another one of the Philly’s hottest contest winner. And from watching this video, I’d love to be a whipped cream in my afterlife… just kidding. seriously. Anyways, if it doesn’t fit in on the “artistic” criteria, the whipped cream looked good on her, in fact, she looked great with all those whipped cream all over her body. Lucky whipped cream. Seriously speaking, Brianna Frost proves herself to be deserving of a men’s magazine cover or at least be featured in one. She looks gorgeous wearing virtually nothing but whipped cream in front of a fridge.

Which reminds me of this teenager prank in lined with “planking” (which is literally lying face-down in the most uncanny of places), I believe Nicki Minaj started this new trend called “fridging” which means taking a photo of a person in front of an open fridge. Okay, maybe Nicki Minaj never did started “fridging”, she sure did made it mainstream. And going back to Brianna Frost doing “fridging”, or at least how it looks like for a non-malicious point of view, she looked great there. Lucky fridge.

Brianna Frost’s photo shoot for Preston and Steve Show’s Philly’s Hottest Whipped Cream Girl is made possible by Janis Digital Media, and this is one of those videos where Janis Digital Media exhibits a great video production complete with video special effects such as the kaleidoscope between frames. Without these effects, this video would have looked more like a porn video, but instead, it looked more like a professional video that you’d often see at music videos on MTV. Janis Digital Media did a great job in video editing this and putting special effects to where it fits, making you focus more on the whole content of the video and NOT on fantasizing on removing the whipped cream. Brianna Frost have such a great and gorgeous body, she could go out in public with wearing only a necklace and still look like a runway model. She is definitely righteous to be crowned as the Philly’s Hottest Whipped Cream Girl.

Video production by Janis Digital Media

One Response so far.

  1. Randy says:

    Brianna is pretty hot!