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Preston and Steve Show: Preston Flies with the Blue Angels

video production synopsis by: Gabriel A.

Ever dreamt of flying on a jet plane but obviously cannot afford to, or don’t want to enter the military, or even consider of buying one? WMMR Preston and Steve Show’s host Preston had fulfilled your dream for you and this is the video of his wonderful experience to share to you. This is a one of a lifetime experience that Preston would repeat again even if offered.  Take a rollercoaster ride and multiply it by ten times, I might have passed out on the first few seconds of flight and through the whole experience inside the jet plane.


This video production is produced by Janis Digital Media, the video partner of WMMR Preston and Steve for their events and functions. If you would visit their website, you will see a lot of kinds of video production you can choose from that they offer and their sample videos and testimonials from previous clients. Janis Digital Media’s video production services are everything about video and film productions and is not limited to environment conditions, whether indoor or outdoor, on land, on water, and even on mid air! Just like this video of WMMR’s host Preston inside a jet plane on flight inside the US Navy Blue Angels jet.

This jet can travel faster than the speed of sound which is about 330 meters per second. The jet can basically fly through the sound barrier. Preston had the chance to actually maneuver flying the jet for a minute or so and made a complete roll around stunt. That amazing experience of seeing everything from above and flying at hyperspeed by Preston had him pass out for a few moments at flying around 7.9 g (gravitational force: 1g=normal). G stands force the g-force of the earth on an object, so as the jet flies on an upward direction, the persons inside the jet will feel the gravitational force, as the jet increases speed, the more g-force is exerted.

I almost envied him. I can’t even ride a rollercoaster and flying inside a jet is in a whole new level. Imagine how heavy Preston felt flying at around 7.9 g-force, it was like your body is anchored on the ground and leaving your soul. Imagine how thankful Preston was to return to land, with whopping headache and stomach cramps. But for the record, it was the most exciting experience Preston had in his life, yet.

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  1. Barry says:

    loving this post too!

  2. Ken Finkle says:

    love the Blue Angels!

  3. Ken Gable says:

    that’s my goal…..flying one of those blue angels. great video!

  4. Alex eviden says:

    love the post and wmmr!!

  5. James Arnold says: