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Preston and Steve Show: Pip Freak Breaks World Record

Posted by admin Comments Off on Preston and Steve Show: Pip Freak Breaks World Record

Preston and Steve Show: Pip Freak Breaks Body Piercing World Record

video synopsis by: Jeremy K.

Watch as how Pip Freak broke the Guinness Book of World Record’s Body Piercing World Record by over 500 more needles! Broadcasted live on radio and on webcam inside their website 93.3 WMMR Preston and Steve Show, Pip Freak attempted to break the Guinness Book of World Records for most number of needles pierced.  That’s an awful lot of needles. Just one needle left pierced into your skin for a few minutes is excruciating enough, but imagine one thousand five hundred needles of excruciating pain pierced all over your body!

A person must either have a really good anesthetic dosage or will power to be able to endure this kind of pain. This guy deserves all the respect, first for having the courage to even think of actually doing it, and second for enduring that much pain and breaking the world record and lastly, for being so much hardcore! Can you believe that he doesn’t even react to seeing his arm full of needles, he must be under the influence of drugs. Actually he is not, he is as sober as he was as drug-free that day. This was made sure by the Guinness Book of World Records representatives before the actual piercing takes place inside the WMMR booth.

Pip Freak broke the world record which is one thousand needles, and he had one thousand five hundred needles all over both his arms and body. Just a slight movement from him and an involuntary twitching of the muscles is equals to a motherload of excruciating pain. Completing the one thousand five hundred needles and keeping it on for ten minutes for the world record to be official is not the hard part of it all. It was the removing of the needles one by one that is the hardest part. The needles pierced on your skin will make you feel numb, but pulling off the needles and as the skin stretches back to its original position is where all the gore part and hardcore pain really is, including the messy blood flowing out of the wounds left by the needles. Ouch. video production by Janis Digital Media of Philadelphia PA.

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