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Video Production company providing services for small businessesDo I really need video production services for my small business?

Every small business dreams to become a big and internationally known brand; but the road to success is far from smooth. It is bumpy and is filled with challenging traps and steep cliffs.

So to climb to the peak of success, a small company must possess an unshakeable determination and loads of business strategies on the way to the top. Every small company needs to constantly improve the quality of its business, and to tirelessly promote its name.

But the only problem is, this is easier said than done. For one, the most effective promotion and marketing campaigns sometimes require considerable amount of money. So if you are a small business with limited capital, it is easy to slip, trip, and fall. Fortunately, this can all be prevented by harnessing the power of videos.

Here’s a recent small business video production(in Spanish) that was shot and edited recently. It’s a tour of Carfaro Fence Shop in Hamilton Township NJ.

And here is the looped instrumental version of the Carfaro Fence video production….

The newest small business video that was completed for the Piper Edger Vac…

When the television was commercially produced and sold about half a century ago, hundreds of jobs in the entertainment, electronics, and practically all kinds of industries were created; and the film and video production industry started enjoying tremendous growth. Businesses advertised their products and services through animated pictures, and the public could not get enough of these TV commercials. The only concern is, one advertising spot on TV costs thousands of dollars.

So how can small companies rake in the benefits of videos without spending a fortune? The practical solution is by using other means to distribute these videos. If TV advertising is not an option, small companies are encouraged to resort to web video marketing.


Why web video marketing?


In the past few years, the internet’s popularity has soared to great heights. ComScore, Inc., the country’s leading Internet marketing research company, report that in May 2011, 83.3 percent of Internet users based in the US viewed videos posted online (Youtube, social networking sties, websites, and blogs). This means that there were close to 6 billion video views during the said month — a number that should not be ignored.

Janis Digital Media, one of the country’s premier video production companies, has been helping small companies exploit the benefits of web video marketing. Ever since the internet became a popular medium for businesses to further their business objectives, the company has been helping small companies market their business through highly creative and informative web videos.


Below is a list of small business marketing videos for websites produced by Janis Digital Media.


• Introductory Videos

• Product Launch Videos

• Executive Video Interview

• How-To Videos

• Testimonial Videos

• Company Updates and Headlines Videos

• Vlog Posts


To successfully convey the message they intend to convey, small business marketing videos for websites should meet certain requirements. These videos must be:


• Clear, concise, and direct-to-the-point

• Informative, focusing less on advertising

• Easy to view and loads fast

• Hollywood-quality


With over 25 years in the business, Janis Digital Media has gained considerable experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of the film and video production industry. The company has constantly impressed businesses and clients based in Philadelphia, Delaware, and New York by providing them with unparalleled service and truly innovative solutions. But although its team of talented professionals covers all areas of video production, Janis Digital Media has been applauded for its small business marketing videos for websites.

Professional small business marketing video production