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Technical Aspects of Video Production

video synopsis by: Bobby Donovan

Today modern Video camera, camcorders and handy cams have made video capturing very easy. Anybody likes to capture video picture can shoot straight away with the modern video cams. An amateur video production may be produced in this way. But whenever you think of professional and quality video production, basics of video production must be followed to get optimum output. Video production is a technical work. Camera selection, shooting, lighting, audio effect and editing of the captured video comprise video production. Proper knowledge of those technical aspects of video production is necessary to get good feedback from a video.

Picture quality, video telecasting media and your budget are the deciding factors to choose a camera for shooting. Lens is the heart of a camera. It makes the video frame, shooting range and clarity of shooting. However, you can choose your camera from a wide variety depending on your requirements and budget.

Shooting is an art to be mastered with the technical aspects of video production. Shooting on the hands using handy cams often make the video shaky. Usage of tripod for video capturing makes steady video. Usages of crane, rail road or shooting on shoulder are the other feature of shooting. Depending on situational demand shooting techniques are applied.

Lighting makes a real difference in video production. One should know how to use natural light and artificial light to get desirable view of the shooting object in video production. In case of an in house video production three dimensional lighting and background selection is very important. On a suitable background a backlight with two front lights from two angles give the picture a three dimensional view. In the natural light, angle of shooting and usage of reflected light give a clear view of the shooting object.

Audio part is a very important part of a video production. It is said that this is the two third of a video production. The message you convey through audio should be very clear. To get very good audio output one should use separate audio capturing device like unidirectional microphone shotgun to get the desired sound from the video shooting.

Editing is the final part to make the video production presentable to the expected customers. Here you can deduct or add your desired pictures or sounds to make your desirable video production.

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