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video production post by: Ammar K.

One of the most prominent and oft used expert witnesses are Medical Expert Witness. A medical expert witness is someone who can present matters of medico-legal nature in front of a jury.  Medical Expert Witnesses and Video Production go hand in hand. As they say,

“A picture says a thousand words”

Consider for example a Tobacco trail, where a Medical Expert witness is called in. There are two ways to say the same thing to the jury.

First, he can say that ‘Tobacco is very harmful to the lungs and it completely destroys them’.  Now this sentence could be well received by the jury and they may think that yes, Tobacco is harmful.

But on the other hand, with the use of Video Productions, he can actually show the jury how Tobacco harms the lungs. This way the jury will be impressed by the quality of video production and find the argument presented by the Medical Expert Witness to be much more convincing.

Here are a few different types in the medical field:

Medical Malpractice is a case of severe professional negligence shown by a doctor or a medical professional towards their duty to a patient placed under their care. It is therefore required that a Medical Expert Witness should have sound knowledge of the standards that should be observed when taking care of a patient.

One of the first steps that a medical expert witness has to take includes a thorough analysis of all the medical information related to the case that is available. These may include Laboratory Reports, Office Notes, Hospital Records, X-Ray Reports, Reports of other tests and procedures that their client may have undergone while undergoing his treatment.

Even in Personal Injury cases, Medical Expert Witnesses can provide the court with great video productions to help the jury out in making a good decision. They can present video representations of the extent of the injury suffered by their clients in a highly visual display that may highlight exactly what the jury may want to know to make their decisions.

This is one the reasons why lawyers look for experienced and accomplished Medical Expert Witnesses in cases of Medical Malpractice. Since both sides in a legal battle may call in their own Medical Expert Witnesses, it all comes down to which one connects more with the jury and the judge, and which one is considered more accomplished and credible by them. It is therefore very crucial to find a Medical Expert Witness with great credentials to back his words, and a pleasant demeanor doesn’t hurt either.

Use of Video Production For Medical Expert Witnesses

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