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Post on Video Production by: Ammar K.

Valuation expert witnesses are professionals who can calculate and make estimations about real and tangible assets such as ownership of the business, economic conditions of the company, an organization’s financial standing and future trends. The area of expertise for valuation expert witness may be arts & antiques, franchise valuation, automobiles appraisals and dealerships, lost profits, real estate valuations, bankruptcy valuation, mergers and acquisitions etc.

Valuation expert witnesses are frequently called in courts to testify and make expert valuations about commercial disputes and litigations. The expert must adhere to ethical and professional responsibilities and also provide effective communication to back his case. This is where video production comes into play.

As everyone present in the court room is not an expert when it comes to financial matters, the need to present difficult financial problems in the simplest of ways becomes even more necessary. A video production can help and back up the explanations of a valuation expert witness in multiple ways. For example take the discounted cash flow method, the concept can be presented in the court room in a monologue with jargon of financial terms. But this way you may not be able to interest your audience. On the other hand, if the same concept is presented by taking help of video production you will end up enlightening the jurors and judges and fascinating the general court room audience.

Video Productions and Depositions are usually common in  high profile cases where it is necessary to record testimonies of expert witnesses and other actors to preserve it in case of premature death.  Such video productions are usually undertaken in presence of the presiding judge and attorneys of both the defendant and the plaintiff to ensure transparency. The availability of both sides’ attorneys at video productions ensures that cross-examination and questioning of witnesses can take place during the video production.

The era of technology is constantly forcing mankind to adapt video production as an effective medium of communication. The testimonies provided by valuation expert witnesses are based on facts and data ad different methods and principles are applied to prove these facts. But facts are just that facts. Why not give life to the dull factual filled testimony with video production. After all a picture can say more than just words. Enhancements in audio and video can support the tangible evidence which is based upon sufficient facts and not just speculations and hypothetical situations.

Valuation Expert Witnesses: Gain an edge through Video Production

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