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video production and expert witness post by: Jeremy K.


video production expert witnessIt’s How You Present Your Case


When it comes to testifying in court as an expert witness, you have to be believable and credible. As an expert witness, the court is relying on you to elucidate something that they can’t fully understand. You hold the key towards solving a mystery. And it is your expert opinion that’s needed to either prove or disprove the veracity and accuracy of a piece of evidence.


So it’s a must that you prepare before the date of your testimony.


This preparation includes learning as much as you can about the case, and gathering all the necessary materials so you can present your testimony effectively and confidently. And if you can’t find any good materials, you can create your own. One of these materials is a well-made video.


How Video Production Helps an Expert Witness


Sometimes, no matter how confident you are in your field of expertise, there are a few technical concepts that are best explained only through the use of visually stimulating videos and presentations. These materials, especially when made by video production professionals and experts for expert witnesses, effectively carry and deliver your message to the intended audience.


How exactly can videos and video production help you in court?


First, a video relies on the power of visuals. You can can add compelling images to emphasize one point, and you can even add a matching audio clip to put some weight on another. Therefore, you can be sure that your target audience has absorbed all the information they need.


Second, a video can be stopped, paused, or played again and again. So if there is something that needs clarification, you can always go back to where it’s at in the video.


Last, a video is time-saving. Instead of giving a 20-minute explanation of a technical concept, you can squeeze everything in a two-minute video.


Overall, the importance of videos and video production in the courtroom is evident in their ability to let everyone have a better understanding of a certain piece of evidence. Therefore, well-crafted videos ensure a fair trial.


When hiring a video production expert to help you create a video, it’s best to hire companies with years of experience in the case that you’re involved in. These companies know the demands of the court, and they can provide you with countless tips on how you can be a better expert witness during your testimony.

Video Production…an Indispensable Tool for Expert Witnesses

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