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post by: Ammar K.

An Economic expert witness provides his opinions in financial lawsuits. They help attorney build their case by giving financial viewpoint.  An economic expert witness can enlighten judges and jurors on a number of issues including securities scam, antitrust matters and corporate profitability. In some cases the expert may be asked to assess damage such as the economic status of plaintiff before and after the financial loss.

The field of economics is quite wide so it is better for an economic expert to focus on a particular area and provide opinions regarding his area of expertise only. For instance, a person who specializes in the area of insurance fraud should not take stand and testify in the lawsuit involving capital market.  In order to become an economics expert witness a high level post graduate degree in economics is must. To achieve the level of experience necessary to become an expert witness an individual must introduce methods that impact economic practices and can be taught in academic courses.

Economic and financial issues are quite complex and often the opinions of economics expert witness are regarded very highly by the court. This is due to the fact that an economic expert’s evaluation and interpretation of data may help the judges and the jurors in understanding the financial dilemma faced by both the plaintiff and the defendant.

For an economics expert witness video production is a key to win the case. The visual interpretation of data provides a very realistic approach to complex financial information. This enables all the individuals present in the court room to understand financial issues at hand. Video production is a powerful tool especially with the more advanced editing softwares and high-end digital cameras. The art of winning a case lies in producing videos and presentations to let the participants understand your point in a step by step manner.

The biggest advantage that videos have over audio transcript is the use of body language as a form of communication. The instances where audio fails to make an impact video production can easily solve the problem. The boredom felt during the hearing of monotonous explanation of complex financial data can turn in fascination if video production is used.  Court rooms all over the country are now encouraging the use of video production and deposition during court hearings.

Video Productions and Depositions of Economics Expert Witnesses can be a useful tool in securing the success of a trial. They can help an expert witness in minimizing the pressure of cross examination and questioning along with aiding them in helping the court understand how a certain act took place and how it affected other institutions and/or individuals.

Video Production Can Aid Economics Expert Witnesses

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