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post by: Glenn S.

A banking expert witness is a responsible person chosen to testify and give his opinion in a trial court. He is expected to give significant and extensive knowledge related to the principles of financial and banking industry. He is known to be an expert witness because he possesses a reliable deposition in defending the client’s case.  When it comes to having disputes, an expert witness should be able to provide easy solutions.  Because he understands the facts, his opinion is thought to be precise and straightforward.  This professional is a great help in witnessing for various cases that include civil and criminal lawsuits.

His acquired specialized knowledge and experience including his own views should provide resolution to the case.  For him to be called an expert witness, he must have mastered his craft in his field.  He must have the banking field expertise as well as a broad experience in this industry. Important credentials are also the bases which will make the witness a credible and highly-respected person.

When it comes to the actual court proceedings, incorporating the banking expert witness with a video production will create a big difference.  The role of a video production can create success in the manner of helping the witness. The reason is plain: today’s jurors are already pre-set in accepting details on videos as something truthfully reliable, and that’s our society today.

A well prepared video production which is brief and concise will improve the reliability of the testimony.  If the presentation is done in an easy-to-understand video clip, then it possesses a big influence on how the evidence is received in the law court.  It has been tested that many times, the facts contained in the form of video would be more influential than the oral and written testimony of a banking expert witness.

No one can beat the power of modern media in the court proceedings. If you continue to doubt the importance of a video production, take this condition. After recording all the court statements taken from the case, you have found the opposition either telling a lie or a contradiction. Using same question in the testimony, you discovered statements that are reversing.  In this manner, you can start reading the testimony in front of the judge.  However, doing so requires longer time and it becomes boring. A more dynamic presentation about the facts with less time to spend will discuss your point.

The jury will realize your point that the other opposing party is not consistent in their deposition. You can show the video clips of the witness contradicting himself on the recorded video. For the client’s case to win, it is not only the reliable testimony of the banking expert witness that matters, a timely video production will perfect the evidences and truthfulness of the case.

The role of a video production in helping a banking expert witness

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