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WMMR’s Day Off Down The Shore

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WMMR’s Day Off Down the Shore

video synopsis by: Gabriel A.


Live at Pier 6600 Hotel at the wonderful Diamond Beach in Wildwood Crest is where 93.3 WMMR’s jock Pierre Roberts is at the 22nd of June, 2007 and he is not alone. He’s with all the WMMR fans and beach lovers and the Mango Men and all those sands having fun. It was the WMMR’s Day Off the Shore event and everyone was invited to come and have the best time of their lives at the beach. Broadcasted live, Pierre Roberts hosted the whole event from games, to giving prizes and to guest bands and a beach load of beers!


There were all smiles throughout that day of event and what company would produce the video but no other than WMMR’s video partner which is Janis Digital Media.  This is one of those kinds of video production that is hardest to capture on video unless your team are real professionals of their craft. The hurdles that all videographers fear to encounter or try to avoid often are all in this one sacred place: the beach. The hurdle for videographers in terms of great quality audio is the strong gush of the wind and at the beach, they will never ran out of gushing wind.

Plus, the noise of the crowd that is very hard to filter if the whole video process is not done properly and professionally. Another hurdle is the intense brightness and heat given off by the sun and reflections from the sand and water. As a professional videographer, you would need some really good techniques and tools of the trade to still be able to capture great quality imagery. It takes only real professionals to figure out the best way to film this video and the tools they need to use. And all WMMR needed was Janis Digital Media and everything looks like as smooth and easy as slicing cheese. All WMMR have to do is do what they do best and Janis Digital Media took care of the videos and in the end, everybody had lots of fun and the finished video is never disappointing. Maybe next time, you’d be on the video attending the Day Off Down the Shore and having fun yourself.

Video production by Janis Digital Media

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